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Garbage & Recycling

Non-recyclable garbage

This should be placed in tied bags and deposited in the chutes provided:

  • on your “tower” floor lobby, or
  • near the stairs from the garden to the carpark. 

VATR Recycling

Large recycling bins are located in the carparks on both sides of the building.  

The recycling is collected by City of Melbourne on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Please  help us all by following these guidelines:

  • No plastic bags in recycling – Bags aren’t recyclable through these bins so please dispose of them in the rubbish bins next to the recycling bins.  Plastic bags can cause a whole load to be rejected as they interfere with the sorting process at the recycling centre. 
  • Flatten boxes – This will help us not to run out of bin space before the next collection. If boxes are longer or wider than the bin, cut them down to size and flatten before placing in bin. If the bin is full, try another bin, perhaps on the other side of the building.
  • Separate recyclables – The automatic sorting machines need items to be loose and separate.  If you bring recyclables down in boxes or bags, please empty them into the bins to separate the items.

Battery recycling – If you have batteries to recycle, VATR have collection boxes in the refuse areas in the Albert and Victoria car parks. Given their toxic content, batteries should not be disposed of in any other bins.​

Reusable recycling bags – City of Melbourne council have supplied us with reusable recycling bags to make carrying recyclables to the recycling bins easy.  If you don’t already have one, please email the Building Manager