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Community BBQs

The VATR Owners Corporation (OC) runs three community BBQs each year, alternating between the main courtyard gardens (the Victoria and Albert sides).  All residents are welcome and the events are timed for the best weather and to allow people to arrive after work. The OC provides sausages and other basics and the OC-owned gas BBQ is used by volunteer OC members to do the cooking. Residents bring their own drinks and optional alternatives for cooking and salads or nibbles to share. The Autumn BBQ is held in March, the Spring one in October, and a pre-Christmas/holiday one in December with a focus on any resident children and older residents’ grandchildren. 

Autumn BBQ 2018 – Tuesday 6th March

Thanks to our incredibly hardworking Chefs and Team who organised and set up a most enjoyable Autumn BBQ.

There was a record attendance of 50-60 residents, the weather was fantastic and everyone made a new friend.

Our new BBQ worked a treat and residents contributed delicious