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Recreational area upgrade project

Note: this refers to the current 2021 proposal.

The Owners’ Corporation Committee (OCC) believes that the VATR’s recreational facilities are in need of refurbishment. However, as for all VATR common property, before major changes can be made to the recreational facilities, any plan must be passed by a special resolution supported by the majority of owners.
The Owners’ Corporation Committee (OCC) building subcommittee has been tasked with the detailed planning of the refurbishment of the VATR recreational facilities. This will involve not only providing owners with concept plans, but detailing the options and benefits of the redevelopment and importantly with the help of the finance subcommittee, options for funding the project.  

Only agreement from the majority of owners can make this major project a reality.

The VATR recreational facilities are now over 25 years old. They represent both a significant asset and on-going cost to us all, yet over the years they have become outdated and now can be best described as tired and in need of repair. The OCC believe that, as a result, they are not fully utilised. Furthermore, the current pool and spa plant equipment is domestic grade equipment which is nearing end of life is not fit for purpose. This has caused regular breakdowns and increased maintenance resulting in additional operation expense. 

Current facilities
The two almost identical recreation facilities are a result of when the Albert and Victoria developments were intended to be separate entities.  However, for many years we have been a combined community and the separation of the recreational facilities is no longer required.

Although having two identical areas may have some benefits, the resulting increased plant and associated operational costs are significant. Both areas are also in need of major maintenance work. The committee believes that rather than spending significant funds to maintain the current recreational area layout, it would bring greater value to owners and residents if the funds were instead directed towards a major facility upgrade.

Research indicates that the two recreational areas can be combined into one state of art facility. This will deliver significant benefits to both VATR owners and residents, whether or not they are current users of the recreational areas. The aim is to modernise the areas with a spacious and well equipped gymnasium and recreation areas with an extended pool.

Next Steps
The committee is conducting a number of information sessions which will be followed by a presentation at the AGM.

Following the AGM a special resolution with supporting information will be provided to all owners to vote on their preferred option. To pass this special resolution requires 75% or more of owners to vote in favour or more than 50% if less than 25% vote against. We hope to have you support for this exciting project.