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The Rules of the VATR Owners Corporation (OC) apply to all Owners and their Tenants. They are agreed by the Owners Corporation in accordance with the relevant laws and can only be changed by a Special Resolution of the Owners Corporation. They are enforceable by law. Any disputes regarding these Rules or breaches of them should be directed first to the Owners Corporation via the OC Manager (Bencorp). If resolution is not agreed, a case may be taken to VCAT.​

If VATR OC Rules do not cover a situation it may be covered by the Model Rules in the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007.​

The current VATR OC Rules are kept by the OC Manager (Civium).

At the time of publishing this website the Rules are:​

A member (owner) must not, and must ensure that the occupier of a member’s lot does not: –

1. use the common property or permit the common property to be used in such a manner as to unreasonably interfere with or prevent its use by other members or occupants of lots or their families or visitors;​

2. park or leave a vehicle on the common property so as to obstruct a driveway or entrance to a lot or in any place other than in a parking area specified for such a purpose by the Owners Corporation;​

3. use or permit a lot affected by the Owners Corporation to be used for any purpose which may be illegal or injurious to the reputation of the development or may cause a nuisance or hazard to any other member or occupier of any lot or the families or visitors of any such member or occupier;​

4. make or permit to be made any undue noise in or about the common property or any lot affected by the Owners Corporation;​

5. make or permit to be made noise from music or machinery which may be heard outside the owner’s lot between the hours of midnight and 8:00am;​

6. keep any animal on a lot affected by the Owners Corporation or the common property after being given notice by the Owners Corporation to remove such animal after the Owners Corporation has resolved that the animal is causing a nuisance.

Access and Security

A lot owner must observe, and must require any tenant or occupier of the owner’s lot to observe the following:

7.  Owners and residents are responsible for the effectiveness of the security systems and shall take reasonable care to ensure that unauthorised persons are not admitted and that security doors are properly closed.​

8.  Owners and residents are responsible for the actions of any outside person whom they authorise to enter the premises.​

9.  Owners must not do anything to endanger the building and public liability insurance cover or to increase its cost.​

10. Car parking spaces are to be used only for the parking of vehicles, including bicycles and motor bicycles. The keeping or storage on them of any other items is not permitted.​

11. Car parking spaces must be kept clean and clear of oil spills. Cleaning costs and procedures for cleaning shall be prescribed by the Owners Corporation from time to time.

Moving In and Out of the Building

12. A booking must be made with the Building Management for major moving of furniture and goods in or out. A non-refundable fee is payable to the Owners Corporation and a prescribed procedure must be followed as laid down by the Owners Corporation from time to time.

Recreation Areas

13. The recreation facilities are for the use of residents and their occasional guests. Children under twelve (12) years and guests using these facilities must be accompanied by an adult resident.​

14. Users of the recreation facilities must comply with the Code of Behaviour designed in accordance with Health Department recommendations for the use of the pools, spas, saunas and gymnasiums.​

Lots and Common Areas

15. Smoking is not permitted in any of the common areas.​

16. No animal is permitted in any of the common areas other than while transferring it into or out of a lot.​

17. The building is specifically for residential purposes and apart from letting to a tenant, no lot may be used for commercial purposes or for the carrying on of any trade or business, including that of a boarding house or bed and breakfast operation except that the lot may be used for a home occupation of a specific nature with the approval of the Owners Corporation.​

18. Residents personal property, signs or notices must not be placed anywhere in the common areas without permission from the Owners Corporation.​

19. No real estate signs or advertising signs or notices are permitted to be displayed on the building. No such signs or notices are to be displayed within any part of the building in such a way as would allow them to be visible from outside the building except as specifically required under the Regulations.​

20. Owners are responsible to properly maintain all exterior window and doors of their lot in a clean condition. Balconies, balcony edges, balustrades and private courtyards of their lot must be kept clean and tidy. Washing, clothes or storage items must not be placed on them in such a way that they are visible to other residents or passers-by.​

Rental of Lots

21. Owners are required to ensure that a lot is not sub-let by a tenant without the tenant first obtaining written consent from the owner.

Alterations and Renovations

22. No alterations or additions may be made to the exterior of any lot without the approval of the Owners Corporation.​

23. Interior structural alterations must have the approval of the Owners Corporation, which may prescribe relevant rules and guidelines and shall advise owners and residents accordingly.​

24. The connection of any appliance other than the cook top to the gas mains is prohibited without the approval of the Owners Corporation.