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The OC Commitee

Each year at the VATR Owners Corporation Annual General Meeting an Owners Corporation Committee (OCC) is elected to oversee the management of the Owners Corporation (OC). This is a group of up to 12 owners who volunteer their time to work with our key partners to maintain and improve common property at VATR.

All OCC members are required to comply with the relevant law, and also with VATR’s own OCC Code of Conduct that was adopted by the OC in 2016 and updated in 2019.​

Current (from October 2020) OCC members are: 

  • Adam Stevens (Chair);
  • Graham Sussex (Deputy Chair);
  • Melanie Davis (resigned);
  • Alfred Malia;
  • Jonathan Thick;
  • Antony (Tony) Anderson;
  • Maja Meh;
  • Anthony Fameli;
  • Brad Marsh.​

At their first meeting the following sub committees were established with their associated convenors: 

  • Finance and Administration: Alfred Malia;
  • Building Maintenance: Jonathan Thick;
  • Communications and Social: Antony (Tony) Anderson.

The committee also decided to split the major projects sub-committee into three sub committees to allow a better focus on getting the individual projects completed.  These are:

  • Recreation Area;
  • Entries and internal;
  • External.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any of the committee members. We are residents too and look forward to talking with you.